Project Update | 2021.7.7

Mutual DAO System (MDS) is the first global mutual aid system based on blockchain & smart contract, which also leverage DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). It combines the traditional mutual insurance model with blockchain and smart contract which provide a low operation cost and guarantee of compensation for risks.

The investment institutions of MDS include well-known blockchain VCs such as Fenbushi Capital, Danhua Capital, Fundamental Labs and etc.

We gratefully thank all the community friends and MDS fans that the project could not go far without your support and trust. MDS project focuses on long-term development, and our community will always follow the principle of fairness and transparency. We biweekly release our project updates in form of the following progress journal:

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MDS Governance

MutualDAO listed on snapshot, all MDS holder and vote the proposals there
Snapshot is a off-chain, gasless, multi-governance community polling dashboard used by many DeFi projects.

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Blockchain Insurance Trends

In May 2021, the crypto world experienced a major upheaval. In addition to the price collapse in the secondary market, the on-chain ecosystem also witnessed frequent security incidents. At least 13 hacker attacks occurred in the DeFi market, which resulted in the loss of $270 million, more than all the assets lost in the DeFi security incidents in 2020. Moreover, these attacks are mostly focused on the BSC. After the turmoil, more and more owners of crypto digital assets are realizing the importance of risk management. Therefore, in some ways, it is also a good development opportunity for decentralized insurance programs. On 5th May, the Nsure Network, a decentralized insurance project, launched a proposal to connect to Polygon Ecology. Users will be able to buy Nsure Network insurance, mine, and stake NSURE on the Polygon Network. Another decentralized InsurAce insurance project in April this year launched on Ethereum, open cross-chain insurance version 1.0 in May, has been based on the Ethereum version for several other projects on the chain with smart insurance contract, in June it officially launched its cross-chain token bridge, and listed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), started cross-chain insurance version 2.0, where Users can transfer INSUR tokens to BSC via the bridge.

This episode we continue with the introduction of decentralized insurance programs in different country's markets. The Reciprocal Insurance Exchange was first formed in the USA in 1881, and was composed of several members to exchange insurance by agreement. The applicant of the Reciprocal Insurance Exchange is limited to members only, and members provide insurance for each other, that is, each member provides insurance for other members, and each member receives insurance provided by other members at the same time. Each member shall bear the insurance liability in the name of himself within a certain amount, within which the proportion of the insurance liability may be splitted among members. The Reciprocal Insurance Exchange is an unincorporated organization with a non-profit-making purpose. Its members may be companies or partnerships in addition to individuals. The decision-making entities of the Reciprocal Insurance Exchange is the member congress, and the daily operation is managed by an attorney-in-fact entrusted by the members. The insurance scope of Reciprocal Insurance Exchange is more in fire insurance and automobile insurance, and the insurance premium is apportionment after the event, so there is no accumulation of capital, surplus and reserve.

MDS Token Info

Total: 2,000,000,000
Total Circulating: 1,199,999,624

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项目进度报告 | 2021.7.7

Mutual DAO System (MDS) 是世界上第一个基于区块链智能合约的互助系统,通过 DAO 自组织的形式实现更高效的互助保障(互助保险)平台。基于区块链接技术提供相互保障智能合约创建和使用平台,有效降低保障产品的运营成本,同时提供更高的保障资金安全性。MDS 的投资机构包括分布式资本、丹华资本、Fundamental Labs等著名区块链VC。

MDS 的发展离不开社区用户的支持与信任,我们对此表示由衷地感谢。我们专注于项目的长期发展,秉持公正透明的社区原则,以进度报告形式定期展示项目各方面进度,以下为最近一段时间的进度更新报告。

DeFi 合约保险开发





MutualDAO 上线 snapshot,支持通过 MDS 进行治理投票

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2021年5月,加密数字世界经历了一次大动荡,除了二级市场价格暴跌之外,链上生态也安全事件频出,DeFi市场至少发生了13起黑客攻击事件,折损资金达到2.7亿美元,超过了2020年所有DeFi安全事件的资产损失。而且,这些攻击多集中在币安智能链(BSC)上。经历了此次震荡之后,越来越多加密数字资产的拥有者意识到风险管理的重要性。因此,从某些方面来说,也是一次去中心化保险项目很好的发展机会。5月25日,去中心化保险项目Nsure Network 发起接入Polygon生态的提案,用户将可以在Polygon网络中购买Nsure Network的保险、挖矿和进行NSURE质押。另一个去中心化保险项目InsurAce于今年4月上线以太坊,于5月开启跨链保险1.0版本,目前已基于其以太坊版本为其他多个链上的项目提供智能合约安全保险,6月正式推出其代币跨链资产桥,并上线币安智能链(BSC),开启跨链保险2.0版本,用户可以通过该桥将INSUR代币转至BSC。

本期将继续介绍在不同国家市场上出现的去中心化保险项目。交互保险社(Reciprocal Insurance Exchange)最早产生于1881年的美国,是由若干成员共同组成互相约定交换保险的组织。交互保险社的投保人仅以社员为限,社员之间互相提供保险,即每个社员为其他社员提供保险,每个社员又同时获得其他社员提供的保险。各社员以个人名义在一定金额限度内承担保险责任,在限额内可将保险责任比例分摊于各社员之间。交互保险社为非法人组织,不以营利为经营目的,其社员除个人外,也可以是公司或者合伙企业。交互保险社的决策机构为社员大会,日常的经营交由社员委托的事实律师(attorney-in-fact)进行管理。交互保险社的保险范围多在火灾保险和汽车保险,保险费采用事后分摊方式,因此并没有资本、盈余和准备金的积存。

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