Project Update| 2018.7.6


MediShares is the first global mutual insurance marketplace on the blockchain. It combines the traditional mutual insurance model with blockchain and smart contract which provide a low operation cost and guarantee of compensation for risks.

We gratefully thank all the community friends and MediShares fans that the project could not go far without your support and trust. MediShares projectfocuses on long-term development, and our community will always follow the principle of fairness and transparency. In future, we will periodically release our project update in form of progress journal. Below is the recent project progress:

Community Activities

10 Million MDS Airdropping

10,000,000 MDS Airdrop is still in progress for celebrating the official launch of MDS Wallet.

➡ How to play?

Time to unlock the MDS of six-month period Lock-up Program

From today to July 15th, 2018(GMT+8), you can chose to lock your MDS for 6 months or 12 months through the address below:

If you don’t choose your lock-up period within the deadline 00:00, July 15th, 2018(GMT+8), we will set it to be 12 months by default.

After the lock-up period ends, we will send your original MDS with the corresponding rewards back to your personal wallet in 15 working days.

The MDS Lock-up Program

How to get invitation code of【EOSForce】account Registration

We will give away registration invitation codes in the WeChat Group and you could add the group admin to join the Group.

ID : MDSjiangzuo

Or Scan the QR Code:

How to get the registration invitation code of EOS Account ?

We will give away some registration invitation codes in WeChat group by the form of red packet lottery.

Add the group admin to enter the WeChat Group:

ID: weixingongchang

Or Scan the QR Code:


If you want to create an EOS account right away, you could choose to pay for it:

  • Option 1 : EOS Account Registration Program developed by Delphy team with WeChat Payment supported.

  • Opation 2: Buy Registration Code in MediShares Shopping Store. WeChat Pay Supported.


MediShares Team participated 2018 Blockchain Connection Conference in Silicon Valley

On June 26/27, MediShares Team participated 2018 Blockchain Connection Conference held in San Jose Convention Center. MediShares team built booth inside the conference and shared the MediShares project and Math Wallet with blockchain enthusiasts, technologists and investors!

Eric Yu, CTO of @Medishares shared on blockchain security issue and introduced math wallet created by Medishares. The insurance provided cover 3 scenarios for now: Stolen, Timeout and Price.

The Progress of Development


  • Updated EOS Mainnet Block Producer
  • Researched and tested EOSForce

Android & iOS


  • Supported EOS Account Creating
  • Supported EOS transaction
  • Supported EOS trasaction log
  • Supported importing Private Key of different permission
  • Supported EOSForce Community


  • Fixed known bugs

MediShares Design

  • EOS transaction log
  • EOS resource management
  • EOSForce BP Voting

Math Wallet

Math Wallet is a crypto wallet app developed by MediShares, which supports ETH, NEO, EOS tokens and their smart contracts. It ensures crypto asset security through smart contracts and various biometric technologies such as face print, voiceprint, and living body.
Install Math Wallet:

Math Wallet Update

【Transaction Delay Contract】

Math Wallet released 【Transaction Delay Contract】. In Math Wallet, if a transaction of ERC20 token takes more than 1 hour, the compensation would be paid for the delay.


EOS Account Registration

Math Wallet support creating EOS Account .


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