Project Update | 2019.3.29

MediShares is the first global mutual insurance marketplace on the blockchain. It combines the traditional mutual insurance model with blockchain and smart contract which provide a low operation cost and guarantee of compensation for risks.

We gratefully thank all the community friends and MediShares fans that the project could not go far without your support and trust. MediShares project focuses on long-term development, and our community will always follow the principle of fairness and transparency. We biweekly release our project updates in form of the following progress journal:

Community Activities

  • CandyWheel activity


Math Wallet Launched MDS-EMDS Exchange Tool

EMDS is the token for Mutual Aid Inclusive Financial Blockchain DApps that powered by MediShares Foundation. It is the 1:1 cross-chain mapping of MDS on EOS. Vistit or open Math Wallet to exchange MDS-EMDS/EMDS-MDS. MDS has been listed in Huobi. EMDS has been listed in Newdex.

EMDS Launched on Newdex

Newdex listed EMDS/EOS on March 25th at 4:00 AM (UTC). EMDS is the token of MediShares Foundation’s Mutual Aid Inclusive Financial Blockchain DApps.

  • How to get MDS/EMDS?

The Progress of Development

MediShares Contract Products

1. 【MDS CITY】new version in developing
2. Smart Contract of credit assurance products
3. EOS mutual protect products in developing
4. Oracle Trusted Data Source System in developing
5.  RiskExchange indeveloping


EOSForce BP:
– Maintainance
– BP and mongodb maintainance
TRON Mainnet BP
– FullNode maintainance
– Maintainance;
– Maintainance

Android & iOS

  1. Applied ScanProtocol protocol and supported cross-wallet transfer via scanning code
  2. Supported scanning to transfer cross the wallets within EOS wallet
  3. Supported jumping to details from Token search list

UI Design

  1. UI of EOS private key reset (via MultiSig)
  2. UI design of EOSForce vote changing


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