Mutual Aid DAO System Operation Guide

MutualDAO mutual assistance platform is the world’s first mutual assistance system based on DAO + blockchain smart contracts developed by MediShares.

MutualDAO mutual assistance platform has been launched on EOS.

MutualDAO’s operation method is as follows:

First, create an EOS account

Use MathWallet as example:

Second,Get tokens

You can get the EOS or EMDS token from crypto exchanges such as Huobi or Newdex.

Third, import the created account into the wallet

Add your newly created account to “Math wallet” plugin wallet / “Scatter” plugin wallet. The “Math wallet” plug-in wallet is used as a demonstration.

01. Install “Math wallet” plugin wallet in your browser.

For installation and usage tutorials, please see:

02. [Switch the network] to the EOS network and import the private key of your newly created account (active)

You may use the MathWallet App as well in mobile.

Fourth,Introduction of MutualDAO mutual assistance plan and other related functions

Introduction to concepts related to mutual assistance:

Mutual pool:

the ratio of tokens that will be used to participate in mutual sharing.

Governance pool:

the proportion of tokens that enter the governance system.For the exchange of key, users can mortgage the key to obtain the skey with voting governance weight.The keys can be sold at any time and converted into EOS.

Share bonus ratio:

the percentage of bonus to users who participate in project sharing and successfully invite others to join.

01. Visit MutualDAO Mutual Aid Platform and log in to the account you just created through the plugin wallet.

MutualDAO Mutual Aid Platform Website:

02. Join mutual assistance program

Find the “Accident Mutual Aid Program” in the list of projects on the homepage, enter the details page, check the details of the project and click “Join”.

Enter the number of tokens to be added

Acknowledge and pay

Joined successfully

03. Application for mutual aid incident

When a user joins and passes the observation period after the mutual assistance event, the user can “apply for mutual assistance” in the “mutual assistance publicity” module on the project details page, and provide a detailed introduction of the mutual assistance application event and pictures. After submission, wait for the community to vote for review.

04. Voting, implementation and discussion of mutual aid events

Voting and discussion

After the vote is passed, the user can initiate an “execute” command to complete the transfer of mutual aid funds

05. Sale and  swap

Users can mortgage the “key” to obtain the “skey” with voting governance weight, or they can sell the key to EOS at any time.

06.Invite to share

Dividend rewards for users who participate in project sharing and successfully invite others to join.

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