Guide of create a Mutual DAO contract

Download the smart contract code


Open EOS Smart Contract IDE

Create file: medishares.cpp medishares.hpp
And copy the github code into these 2 files

For Compiler version select 'eosio.cdt_1.2.x'

Then click【compile】


1 Create Kylin test account

2 Request test token for the account

3 Import private key to MathWallet extension, then click【Web Wallet】, stake CPU/Net resource and buy RAM for the account

4 Switch TestNetwork and choose CryptoKylin TestNet in IDE, and then login with the new Kylin test account

5 Deploy contract

Click【Deploy】in the IDE

6 Set ABI

Click【Set ABI】 and select the medishares.abi file and sign the transaction

7 Init action

Search the account, switch to Contract – Actions – init, enter the params below and submit

Submit the Mutual Aid Program

Fill in the form below

After approval, you program will be listed in

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