Project Update | 2020.03.17


MDS is the first global mutual insurance marketplace on the blockchain. It combines the traditional mutual insurance model with blockchain and smart contract which provide a low operation cost and guarantee of compensation for risks.

We gratefully thank all the community friends and MDS fans that the project could not go far without your support and trust. MediShares project focuses on long-term development, and our community will always follow the principle of fairness and transparency. We biweekly release our project updates in form of the following progress journal:

Mutual DAO Protocol

Mutual DAO EOS mainnet version launched:

MutualDAO Anticancer Mutual Aid Program launched:

Mutual DAO Whitepaper

Open source mutual aid smart contract code:

MutualDAO Anticancer Mutual Aid Program

Please use the EOS account which binding with your KYC data already. You can complete is through or

Anticancer Mutual Aid Participate Rules

Observation Period
As the commercial insurance did, we set up the observation period to avoid fraud behaviors.
Publicity Period
Each month we collect the mutual aid events, and calculate the mutual aid fee and the share that members need to pay, then putting them on the website. So that the other members could know whom their share is helping. The publicity period usually will be 7 days.

Participate Rules of Anticancer Mutual Aid Program
When joining the Anticancer Mutual Aid Programs, you should
1. Be at the age of 0-60 years old
2. Be physically healthy

Details of Anticancer Mutual Aid program privilege are as follows
1. Since the users taken part in the program, the privilege valid 180 days later.
2. When someone in the program suffer from one of the cancer diseases in the list.

When one of the following situations occurs, the member will quite the program automatically
1. Death
2. Reaching the age of 61
3. The mutual aid fee is fully given
4. The balance of personal account is less than 0

When one of the following situations occurs, the member will not have the privilege
1. Self-mutilation or suicide
2. Crime
3. Taking or injecting drugs
4. War, military action, riots or armed rebellions
5. Nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation or nuclear pollution
6. Infected by HIV
7. Hereditary disease, congenital malformation, deformation or chromosomal abnormalities

Disease Coverage

Malignant Tumor
It refers to a disease in which malignant cells grow and spread uncontrollably, infiltrate and destroy surrounding normal tissues, and can spread to other parts of the body through blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and body cavities. The diagnosis was confirmed by pathological examination, and the clinical diagnosis belongs to the World Health Organization's International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10).

The following diseases are not covered by mutual aid:
(1) Carcinoma in situ
(2) Chronic lymphocytic leukemia equivalent to stage A of the Binet staging plan
(3) Hodgkin's disease equivalent to stage I of Ann Arbor staging plan
(4) Skin cancer (excluding malignant melanoma and metastatic skin cancer)
(5) Prostate cancer with TNM stage T1N0M0 or less
(6) Malignant tumors during HIV infection or AIDS

Guide of create a Mutual DAO contract

1 Download the smart contract code
2 Compile
3 Deploy
4 Submit the Mutual Aid Program

Detail steps:
Guide of create a Mutual DAO contract

MediShares Chain

MediShares Chain testnet is in progress of developemnt, and the source code will be release in repo:

MDS Token Info

Total: 2,000,000,000
Total Circulating: 742,999,401
Lockdrop: 361,205,413
VPOS Pool: 145,770,231
Actual Circulating: 236,023,757

Data Source:


MDS Telegram Group

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